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A75-A79 Rickettsioses

Chapter I

Certain infectious and parasitic diseases


A75Typhus fever
Latin: Febris typhica pediculis transmissa
Excludes:rickettsiosis due to Ehrlichia sennetsu (A79.8)
A75.0Epidemic louse-borne typhus fever due to Rickettsia prowazekii
Classical typhus (fever)
Epidemic (louse-borne) typhus
A75.1Recrudescent typhus [Brill's disease]
Brill-Zinsser disease
A75.2Typhus fever due to Rickettsia typhi
Murine (flea-borne) typhus
A75.3Typhus fever due to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
Scrub (mite-borne) typhus
Tsutsugamushi fever
A75.9Typhus fever, unspecified
Typhus (fever) NOS

A77Spotted fever [tick-borne rickettsioses]
Latin: Febris exanthematosa ixodibus transmissa
A77.0Spotted fever due to Rickettsia rickettsii
Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Sao Paulo fever
A77.1Spotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii
African tick typhus
Boutonneuse fever
India tick typhus
Kenya tick typhus
Marseilles fever
Mediterranean tick fever
A77.2Spotted fever due to Rickettsia sibirica
North Asian tick fever
Siberian tick typhus
A77.3Spotted fever due to Rickettsia australis
Queensland tick typhus
A77.8Other spotted fevers
A77.9Spotted fever, unspecified
Tick-borne typhus NOS

A78Q fever
Latin: Febris Q
Infection due to Coxiella burnetii
Nine Mile fever
Quadrilateral fever

A79Other rickettsioses
Latin: Rickettsioses aliae
A79.0Trench fever
Quintan fever
Wolhynian fever
A79.1Rickettsialpox due to Rickettsia akari
Kew Garden fever
Vesicular rickettsiosis
A79.8Other specified rickettsioses
Rickettsiosis due to Ehrlichia sennetsu
A79.9Rickettsiosis, unspecified
Rickettsial infection NOS