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C51-C58 Malignant neoplasms of female genital organs

Chapter II


Malignant neoplasms

Malignant neoplasms, stated or presumed to be primary, of specified sites, except of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue

Malignant neoplasms of female genital organs

Includes: skin of female genital organs

C51Malignant neoplasm of vulva
Latin: Neoplasma malignum vulvae
C51.0Labium majus
Bartholin's [greater vestibular] gland
C51.1Labium minus
C51.8Overlapping lesion of vulva
[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]
C51.9Vulva, unspecified
External female genitalia NOS

C52Malignant neoplasm of vagina
Latin: Neoplasma malignum vaginae

C53Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri
Latin: Neoplasma malignum cervicis uteri
C53.8Overlapping lesion of cervix uteri
[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]
C53.9Cervix uteri, unspecified
C54Malignant neoplasm of corpus uteri
Latin: Neoplasma malignum corporis uteri
C54.0Isthmus uteri
Lower uterine segment
C54.3Fundus uteri
C54.8Overlapping lesion of corpus uteri
[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]
C54.9Corpus uteri, unspecified

C55Malignant neoplasm of uterus, part unspecified
Latin: Neoplasma malignum uteri, partis non specificatae

C56Malignant neoplasm of ovary
Latin: Neoplasma malignum ovarii

C57Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified female genital organs
Latin: Neoplasma malignum organorum genitaliorum femininorum aliorum, non specificatorum
C57.0Fallopian tube
Uterine tube
C57.1Broad ligament
C57.2Round ligament
Uterine ligament NOS
C57.4Uterine adnexa, unspecified
C57.7Other specified female genital organs
Wolffian body or duct
C57.8Overlapping lesion of female genital organs
[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]
Malignant neoplasm of female genital organs whose point of origin cannot be classified to any one of the categories C51-C57.7, C58
C57.9Female genital organ, unspecified
Female genitourinary tract NOS

C58Malignant neoplasm of placenta
Latin: Neoplasma malignum placentae
Choriocarcinoma NOS
Chorionepithelioma NOS
Excludes:chorioadenoma (destruens) (D39.2)
hydatidiform mole:
· NOS (O01.9)
· invasive (D39.2)
· malignant (D39.2)