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D70-D77 Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs

Chapter III

Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism

Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs

Latin: Agranulocytosis
Agranulocytic angina
Infantile genetic agranulocytosis
Kostmann's disease
· congenital
· cyclic
· drug-induced
· periodic
· splenic (primary)
· toxic
Neutropenic splenomegaly
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug, if drug-induced.
Excludes:transient neonatal neutropenia (P61.5)

D71Functional disorders of polymorphonuclear neutrophils
Latin: Dysfunctiones cellularum neutrophilorum polymorphonucleorum
Cell membrane receptor complex [CR3] defect
Chronic (childhood) granulomatous disease
Congenital dysphagocytosis
Progressive septic granulomatosis

D72Other disorders of white blood cells
Latin: Morbi leucocytorum alii
Excludes:basophilia (D75.8)
immunity disorders (D80-D89)
neutropenia (D70)
preleukaemia (syndrome) (D46.9)
D72.0Genetic anomalies of leukocytes
Anomaly (granulation)(granulocyte) or syndrome:
· Alder
· May-Hegglin
· Pelger-Huët
· leukocytic:
  · hypersegmentation
  · hyposegmentation
· leukomelanopathy
Excludes:Chediak(-Steinbrinck)-Higashi syndrome (E70.3)
· allergic
· hereditary
D72.8Other specified disorders of white blood cells
Leukaemoid reaction:
· lymphocytic
· monocytic
· myelocytic
Lymphocytosis (symptomatic)
Monocytosis (symptomatic)
D72.9Disorder of white blood cells, unspecified

D73Diseases of spleen
Latin: Morbus splenis
Asplenia, postsurgical
Atrophy of spleen
Excludes:asplenia (congenital) (Q89.0)
· NOS (R16.1)
· congenital (Q89.0)
D73.2Chronic congestive splenomegaly
D73.3Abscess of spleen
D73.4Cyst of spleen
D73.5Infarction of spleen
Splenic rupture, nontraumatic
Torsion of spleen
Excludes:traumatic rupture of spleen (S36.0)
D73.8Other diseases of spleen
Fibrosis of spleen NOS
Splenitis NOS
D73.9Disease of spleen, unspecified

Latin: Methaemoglobinaemia
D74.0Congenital methaemoglobinaemia
Congenital NADH-methaemoglobin reductase deficiency
Haemoglobin-M [Hb-M] disease
Methaemoglobinaemia, hereditary
D74.8Other methaemoglobinaemias
Acquired methaemoglobinaemia (with sulfhaemoglobinaemia)
Toxic methaemoglobinaemia
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify cause.
D74.9Methaemoglobinaemia, unspecified

D75Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Latin: Morbi sanguinis et morbi systematis haematopoietici alii
Excludes:enlarged lymph nodes (R59.-)
hypergammaglobulinaemia NOS (D89.2)
· NOS (I88.9)
· acute (L04.-)
· chronic (I88.1)
· mesenteric (acute)(chronic) (I88.0)
D75.0Familial erythrocytosis
· benign
· familial
Excludes:hereditary ovalocytosis (D58.1)
D75.1Secondary polycythaemia
Erythrocytosis NOS
· acquired
· due to:
  · erythropoietin
  · fall in plasma volume
  · high altitude
  · stress
· emotional
· hypoxaemic
· nephrogenous
· relative
· neonatorum (P61.1)
· vera (D45)
D75.2Essential thrombocytosis
Excludes:essential (haemorrhagic) thrombocythaemia (D47.3)
D75.8Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
D75.9Disease of blood and blood-forming organs, unspecified

D76Certain diseases involving lymphoreticular tissue and reticulohistiocytic system
Latin: Morbi telae lymphoreticularis et morbi systematis reticulohistiocytici
Excludes:Letterer-Siwe disease (C96.0)
malignant histiocytosis (C96.1)
reticuloendotheliosis or reticulosis:
· histiocytic medullary (C96.1)
· leukaemic (C91.4)
· lipomelanotic (I89.8)
· malignant (C85.7)
· nonlipid (C96.0)
D76.0Langerhans' cell histiocytosis, not elsewhere classified
Eosinophilic granuloma
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease
Histiocytosis X (chronic)
D76.1Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
Familial haemophagocytic reticulosis
Histiocytoses of mononuclear phagocytes other than Langerhans' cells NOS
D76.2Haemophagocytic syndrome, infection-associated
Use additional code, if desired, to identify infectious agent or disease.
D76.3Other histiocytosis syndromes
Reticulohistiocytoma (giant-cell)
Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy

D77*Other disorders of blood and blood-forming organs in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Disordines sanguinis et disordines systematis haematipoietici alii in morbis aliis
Fibrosis of spleen in schistosomiasis [bilharziasis] (B65.-+)