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E50-E64 Other nutritional deficiencies

Chapter IV

Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases

Other nutritional deficiencies

* nutritional anaemias (D50-D53)

E50Vitamin A deficiency
Latin: Avitaminosis A
Excludes:sequelae of vitamin A deficiency (E64.1)
E50.0Vitamin A deficiency with conjunctival xerosis
E50.1Vitamin A deficiency with Bitot's spot and conjunctival xerosis
Bitot's spot in the young child
E50.2Vitamin A deficiency with corneal xerosis
E50.3Vitamin A deficiency with corneal ulceration and xerosis
E50.4Vitamin A deficiency with keratomalacia
E50.5Vitamin A deficiency with night blindness
E50.6Vitamin A deficiency with xerophthalmic scars of cornea
E50.7Other ocular manifestations of vitamin A deficiency
Xerophthalmia NOS
E50.8Other manifestations of vitamin A deficiency
Follicular keratosis
due to vitamin A deficiency+ (L86*)
E50.9Vitamin A deficiency, unspecified
Hypovitaminosis A NOS

E51Thiamine deficiency
Latin: Deficientia thiamini
Excludes:sequelae of thiamine deficiency (E64.8)
· dry
· wet+ (I98.8*)
E51.2Wernicke's encephalopathy
E51.8Other manifestations of thiamine deficiency
E51.9Thiamine deficiency, unspecified

E52Niacin deficiency [pellagra]
Latin: Pellagra
· niacin(-tryptophan)
· nicotinamide
Pellagra (alcoholic)
Excludes:sequelae of niacin deficiency (E64.8)

E53Deficiency of other B group vitamins
Latin: Deficientia vitaminorum B aliorum
Excludes:sequelae of vitamin B deficiency (E64.8)
vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia (D51.-)
E53.0Riboflavin deficiency
E53.1Pyridoxine deficiency
Vitamin B6 deficiency
Excludes:pyridoxine-responsive sideroblastic anaemia (D64.3)
E53.8Deficiency of other specified B group vitamins
· biotin
· cyanocobalamin
· folate
· folic acid
· pantothenic acid
· vitamin B12
E53.9Vitamin B deficiency, unspecified

E54Ascorbic acid deficiency
Latin: Scorbut
Deficiency of vitamin C
Excludes:scorbutic anaemia (D53.2)
sequelae of vitamin C deficiency (E64.2)

E55Vitamin D deficiency
Latin: Rachitis
Excludes:adult osteomalacia (M83.-)
osteoporosis (M80-M81)
sequelae of rickets (E64.3)
E55.0Rickets, active
· infantile
· juvenile
· coeliac (K90.0)
· Crohn's (K50.-)
· inactive (E64.3)
· renal (N25.0)
· vitamin-D-resistant (E83.3)
E55.9Vitamin D deficiency, unspecified
Avitaminosis D

E56Other vitamin deficiencies
Latin: Avitaminoses aliae
Excludes:sequelae of other vitamin deficiencies (E64.8)
E56.0Deficiency of vitamin E
E56.1Deficiency of vitamin K
Excludes:deficiency of coagulation factor due to vitamin K deficiency (D68.4)
vitamin K deficiency of newborn (P53)
E56.8Deficiency of other vitamins
E56.9Vitamin deficiency, unspecified

E58Dietary calcium deficiency
Latin: Deficientia calcii nutritivi
Excludes:disorder of calcium metabolism (E83.5)
sequelae of calcium deficiency (E64.8)

E59Dietary selenium deficiency
Latin: Deficientia selenii nutritivi
Keshan disease
Excludes:sequelae of selenium deficiency (E64.8)

E60Dietary zinc deficiency
Latin: Deficientia zinci nutritivi

E61Deficiency of other nutrient elements
Latin: Deficientia materiarum nutritivarum aliarum
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug, if drug-induced.
Excludes:disorders of mineral metabolism (E83.-)
iodine-deficiency-related thyroid disorders (E00-E02)
sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies (E64.-)
E61.0Copper deficiency
E61.1Iron deficiency
Excludes:iron deficiency anaemia (D50.-)
E61.2Magnesium deficiency
E61.3Manganese deficiency
E61.4Chromium deficiency
E61.5Molybdenum deficiency
E61.6Vanadium deficiency
E61.7Deficiency of multiple nutrient elements
E61.8Deficiency of other specified nutrient elements
E61.9Deficiency of nutrient element, unspecified

E63Other nutritional deficiencies
Latin: Deficientia materiarum nutritivarum alia
Excludes:dehydration (E86)
failure to thrive (R62.8)
feeding problems in newborn (P92.-)
sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies (E64.-)
E63.0Essential fatty acid [EFA] deficiency
E63.1Imbalance of constituents of food intake
E63.8Other specified nutritional deficiencies
E63.9Nutritional deficiency, unspecified
Nutritional cardiomyopathy NOS+ (I43.2*)

E64Sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies
Latin: Sequelae malnutritionis et deficientiae materiarum nutritivarum, aliae
E64.0Sequelae of protein-energy malnutrition
Excludes:retarded development following protein-energy malnutrition (E45)
E64.1Sequelae of vitamin A deficiency
E64.2Sequelae of vitamin C deficiency
E64.3Sequelae of rickets
Use additional code (M40.-), if desired, to identify kyphosis
E64.8Sequelae of other nutritional deficiencies
E64.9Sequelae of unspecified nutritional deficiency