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H25-H28 Disorders of lens

Chapter VII

Diseases of the eye and adnexa

Disorders of lens

H25Senile cataract
Latin: Cataracta senilis
Excludes:capsular glaucoma with pseudoexfoliation of lens (H40.1)
H25.0Senile incipient cataract
Latin: Cataracta senilis incipiens
Senile cataract:
· coronary
· cortical
· punctate
Subcapsular polar senile cataract (anterior)(posterior)
Water clefts
H25.1Senile nuclear cataract
Latin: Cataracta senilis nuclearis
Cataracta brunescens
Nuclear sclerosis cataract
H25.2Senile cataract, morgagnian type
Latin: Cataracta senilis Morgagni
Senile hypermature cataract
H25.8Other senile cataract
Latin: Cataracta senills alia
Combined forms of senile cataract
H25.9Senile cataract, unspecified
Latin: Cataracta senilis, non specificata

H26Other cataract
Latin: Cataracta alia
Excludes:congenital cataract (Q12.0)
H26.0Infantile, juvenile and presenile cataract
Latin: Cataracta infantilis, juverilis et praesenilis
H26.1Traumatic cataract
Latin: Cataracta traumatica
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify cause.
H26.2Complicated cataract
Latin: Cataracta complicata
Cataract in chronic iridocyclitis
Cataract secondary to ocular disorders
Glaucomatous flecks (subcapsular)
H26.3Drug-induced cataract
Latin: Cataracta medicamentosa
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug.
Latin: Cataracta secundaria
Secondary cataract
Soemmerring's ring
H26.8Other specified cataract
Latin: Cataracta specificata, alia
H26.9Cataract, unspecified
Latin: Cataracta, non specificata

H27Other disorders of lens
Latin: Morbi lentis alii
Excludes:congenital lens malformations (Q12.-)
mechanical complications of intraocular lens (T85.2)
pseudophakia (Z96.1)
Latin: Aphakia
H27.1Dislocation of lens
Latin: Luxatio et subluxatio lentis
H27.8Other specified disorders of lens
Latin: Morbi lentis specificati, alii
H27.9Disorder of lens, unspecified
Latin: Morbus lentis, non specificatus

H28*Cataract and other disorders of lens in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Cataracta et morbi lentis oculi alii in morbis aliis
H28.0*Diabetic cataract (E10-E14+ with common fourth character .3)
Latin: Cataracta diabetica
H28.1*Cataract in other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
Latin: Cataracta in morbis endocrinis, nutritionalibus et metabolicis aliis
Cataract in hypoparathyroidism (E20.-+)
Malnutrition-dehydration cataract (E40-E46+)
H28.2*Cataract in other diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Cataracta in morbis aliis
Myotonic cataract (G71.1+)
H28.8*Other disorders of lens in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Morbi lentis ocull alii in morbis aliis