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K50-K52 Noninfective enteritis and colitis

Chapter XI

Diseases of the digestive system

Noninfective enteritis and colitis

- noninfective inflammatory bowel disease
- irritable bowel syndrome ( K58.- )
- megacolon ( K59.3 )

K50Crohn's disease [regional enteritis]
Latin: Morbus Crohn
Includes:granulomatous enteritis
Excludes:ulcerative colitis (K51.-)
K50.0Crohn's disease of small intestine
Latin: Morbus Crohn intestini tenuis
Crohn's disease [regional enteritis] of:
· duodenum
· ileum
· jejunum
· regional
· terminal
Excludes:with Crohn's disease of large intestine (K50.8)
K50.1Crohn's disease of large intestine
Latin: Morbus Crohn coli
· granulomatous
· regional
Crohn's disease [regional enteritis] of:
· colon
· large bowel
· rectum
Excludes:with Crohn's disease of small intestine (K50.8)
K50.8Other Crohn's disease
Latin: Morbus Crohn alius
Crohn's disease of both small and large intestine
K50.9Crohn's disease, unspecified
Latin: Morbus Crohn, non specificatus
Regional enteritis NOS

K51Ulcerative colitis
Latin: Colitis ulcerosa
K51.0Ulcerative (chronic) enterocolitis
Latin: Enterocolitis ulcerosa (chronica)
K51.1Ulcerative (chronic) ileocolitis
Latin: Ileocolitis ulcerosa (chronica)
K51.2Ulcerative (chronic) proctitis
Latin: Proctitis ulcerosa (chronica)
K51.3Ulcerative (chronic) rectosigmoiditis
Latin: Rectosigmoiditis ulcerosa (chronica)
K51.4Pseudopolyposis of colon
Latin: Pseudopolyposis coli
K51.5Mucosal proctocolitis
Latin: Proctocolitis mucosae
K51.8Other ulcerative colitis
Latin: Colitis ulcerosa alia
K51.9Ulcerative colitis, unspecified
Latin: Colitis ulcerosa, non specificata
Ulcerative enteritis NOS

K52Other noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis
Latin: Gastroenteritis, ileitis et colitis non infectiva alia
K52.0Gastroenteritis and colitis due to radiation
Latin: Gastroenteritis et colitis radiationalis
K52.1Toxic gastroenteritis and colitis
Latin: Gastroenteritis et colitis toxica
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify toxic agent.
K52.2Allergic and dietetic gastroenteritis and colitis
Latin: Gastroenteritis, ileitis et colitis allergica et diaetetica
Food hypersensitivity gastroenteritis or colitis

Latin: Gastroenteritis, ileitis et colitis non infectiva alia, specificata
K52.8Other specified noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis
Latin: Gastroenteritis, ileitis et colitis non infectiva, non specificata
Eosinophilic gastritis or gastroenteritis
K52.9Noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis, unspecified
Latin: Morbi vasorum intestini
specified as noninfective, or NOS in countries where the conditions can be presumed to be of noninfectious origin
Excludes:colitis, diarrhoea, enteritis, gastroenteritis:
· infectious (A09)
· unspecified, in countries where the condition can be presumed to be of infectious origin (A09)
functional diarrhoea (K59.1)
neonatal diarrhoea (noninfective) (P78.3)
psychogenic diarrhoea (F45.3)