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K65-K67 Diseases of peritoneum

Chapter XI

Diseases of the digestive system

Diseases of peritoneum

Latin: Peritonitis
· aseptic (T81.6)
· benign paroxysmal (E85.0)
· chemical (T81.6)
· due to talc or other foreign substance (T81.6)
· neonatal (P78.0-P78.1)
· pelvic, female (N73.3-N73.5)
· periodic familial (E85.0)
· puerperal (O85)
· with or following:
  · abortion or ectopic or molar pregnancy (O00-O07, O08.0)
  · appendicitis (K35.-)
  · diverticular disease of intestine (K57.-)
K65.0Acute peritonitis
Latin: Peritonitis acuta
Abscess (of):
· abdominopelvic
· mesenteric
· omentum
· peritoneum
· retrocaecal
· retroperitoneal
· subdiaphragmatic
· subhepatic
· subphrenic
Peritonitis (acute):
· generalized
· pelvic, male
· subphrenic
· suppurative
Use additional code (B95-B97), if desired, to identify infectious agent.
K65.8Other peritonitis
Latin: Peritonitis alia
Chronic proliferative peritonitis
· fat necrosis
· saponification
Peritonitis due to:
· bile
· urine
K65.9Peritonitis, unspecified
Latin: Peritonitis non specificata

K66Other disorders of peritoneum
Latin: Morbi peritonaei alii
Excludes:ascites (R18)
K66.0Peritoneal adhesions
Latin: Adhaesiones peritonaei
Adhesions (of):
· abdominal (wall)
· diaphragm
· intestine
· male pelvis
· mesenteric
· omentum
· stomach
Adhesive bands
Excludes:adhesions [bands] (of):
· female pelvis (N73.6)
· with intestinal obstruction (K56.5)
Latin: Haemoperitonaeum
Excludes:traumatic haemoperitoneum (S36.8)
K66.8Other specified disorders of peritoneum
Latin: Morbi peritonaei alii, specificati
K66.9Disorder of peritoneum, unspecified
Latin: Morbus peritonaei, non specificatus

K67*Disorders of peritoneum in infectious diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Morbi peritonaei in morbis infectivis
K67.0*Chlamydial peritonitis (A74.8+)
Latin: Peritonitis chlamydialis (A74.+)
K67.1*Gonococcal peritonitis (A54.8+)
Latin: Peritonitis gonococcica (A54.8+)
K67.2*Syphilitic peritonitis (A52.7+)
Latin: Peritonitis syphilitica (A52.7+)
K67.3*Tuberculous peritonitis (A18.3+)
Latin: Peritonitis tuberculosa (A18.3+)
K67.8*Other disorders of peritoneum in infectious diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Morbi peritonaei alii in morbis infectivis