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M70-M79 Other soft tissue disorders

Chapter XIII

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

Soft tissue disorders

Other soft tissue disorders

M70Soft tissue disorders related to use, overuse and pressure
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium propter activitatem, hyperactivitatem et pressionem
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Includes:soft tissue disorders of occupational origin
Excludes: bursitis (of):
· NOS (M71.9)
· shoulder (M75.5)
enthesopathies (M76-M77)
M70.0 Chronic crepitant synovitis of hand and wrist
Latin: Synovitis manus et articuli crepitans chronica
M70.1Bursitis of hand
Latin: Bursitis manus
M70.2 Olecranon bursitis
Latin: Bursitis olecrani
M70.3Other bursitis of elbow
Latin: Bursitis cubiti alia
M70.4 Prepatellar bursitis
Latin: Bursitis praepatellaris
M70.5Other bursitis of knee
Latin: Bursitis genus alia
M70.6Trochanteric bursitis
Latin: Bursitis trochanterica
Trochanteric tendinitis
M70.7 Other bursitis of hip
Latin: Bursitis coxae alia
Ischial bursitis
M70.8Other soft tissue disorders related to use, overuse and pressure
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium propter activitatem, hyperactivitatem et pressionem alii
M70.9Unspecified soft tissue disorder related to use, overuse and pressure
Latin: Morbus textuum mollium propter activitatem, hyperactivitatem et pressionem, non specificatus
M71Other bursopathies
Latin: Bursopathiae aliae
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Excludes:bunion (M20.1)
bursitis related to use, overuse and pressure (M70.-)
enthesopathies (M76-M77)
M71.0Abscess of bursa
Latin: Bursitis purulenta
M71.1 Other infective bursitis
Latin: Bursitis infectiva alia
M71.2Synovial cyst of popliteal space [Baker]
Latin: Cystis synovialis poplitea (Baker)
Excludes:with rupture (M66.0)
M71.3 Other bursal cyst
Latin: Cystis bursae alia
Synovial cyst NOS
Excludes:synovial cyst with rupture (M66.1)
M71.4Calcium deposit in bursa
Latin: Calcificatio bursae
Excludes:of shoulder (M75.3)
M71.5Other bursitis, not elsewhere classified
Latin: Bursitis alia
Excludes:bursitis (of):
· NOS (M71.9)
· shoulder (M75.5)
· tibial collateral [Pellegrini-Stieda] (M76.4)
M71.8Other specified bursopathies
Latin: Bursopathia alia, specificata
M71.9Bursopathy, unspecified
Latin: Bursopathia, non specificata
Bursitis NOS
M72 Fibroblastic disorders
Latin: Morbi fibroblastici
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Excludes:retroperitoneal fibromatosis (D48.3)
M72.0Palmar fascial fibromatosis [Dupuytren]
Latin: Fibromatosis fasciae palmaris (Dupuytren)
M72.1Knuckle pads
Latin: Caro malleoli mollis (malleolus carnosus)
M72.2Plantar fascial fibromatosis
Latin: Fibromatosis fasciae plantaris
Plantar fasciitis
Latin: Fasciitis nodularis
M72.4 Pseudosarcomatous fibromatosis
Latin: Fibromatosis pseudosarcomatosa
Nodular fasciitis
Latin: Fasciitis
M72.6 Necrotizing fasciitis
Latin: .
Use additional code, if desired, to identify infectious agent
M72.8Other fibroblastic disorders
Latin: Morbi fibroblastici alii
Abscess of fascia
Excludes: fasciitis:
· diffuse (eosinophilic) (M35.4)
· necrotizing (M72.6)
· nodular (M72.4)
· perirenal:
  · NOS (N13.5)
  · with infection (N13.6)
· plantar (M72.2)
M72.9 Fibroblastic disorder, unspecified
Latin: Morbus fibroblasticus, non specificatus
Fasciitis NOS
Fibromatosis NOS
M73*Soft tissue disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium in morbis aliis
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M73.0*Gonococcal bursitis (A54.4+)
Latin: Bursitis gonococcica (A54.4+)
M73.1*Syphilitic bursitis (A52.7+)
Latin: Bursitis syphilitica (A52.7+)
M73.8*Other soft tissue disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium in morbis aliis
M75Shoulder lesions
Latin: Morbi articull humeri
Excludes: shoulder-hand syndrome (M89.0)
M75.0Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder
Latin: Capsulitis humeri adhaesiva
Frozen shoulder
Periarthritis of shoulder
M75.1 Rotator cuff syndrome
Latin: Syndroma armillae rotatoriae
Rotator cuff or supraspinatus tear or rupture (complete)(incomplete), not specified as traumatic
Supraspinatus syndrome
M75.2 Bicipital tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitis bicipitis
M75.3Calcific tendinitis of shoulder
Latin: Tendinitis humeri calcificata
Calcified bursa of shoulder
M75.4Impingement syndrome of shoulder
Latin: Syndroma humeri percussionalis
M75.5Bursitis of shoulder
Latin: Bursitis humeri
M75.8Other shoulder lesions
Latin: Morbi articuli humeri alii
M75.9 Shoulder lesion, unspecified
Latin: Morbus articuli humeri, non specificatus
M76Enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
Latin: Enthesopathia extremitatis inferioris, pedem excludens
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Note: The superficially specific terms bursitis, capsulitis and tendinitis tend to be used indiscriminately for various disorders of peripheral ligamentous or muscular attach-ments; most of these conditions have been brought together as enthesopathies which is the generic term for lesions at these sites.
Excludes:bursitis due to use, overuse and pressure (M70.-)
M76.0 Gluteal tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitis glutaealis
M76.1 Psoas tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitis iliopsoae
M76.2 Iliac crest spur
Latin: Excrescentia cristae ilicae
M76.3 Iliotibial band syndrome
Latin: Syndroma lemnisci iliotibialis
M76.4Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda]
Latin: Bursitis collateralis tibiae (Pellegrin-Stieda)
M76.5 Patellar tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitis patellaris
M76.6 Achilles tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitis calcanei
Achilles bursitis
M76.7 Peroneal tendinitis
Latin: Tendinitia peronaealis
M76.8 Other enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
Latin: Enthesopathiae extremitatis inferioris, pedem excludens, aliae
Anterior tibial syndrome
Posterior tibial tendinitis
M76.9Enthesopathy of lower limb, unspecified
Latin: Enthesopathia extremitatis inferioris, non specificata
M77 Other enthesopathies
Latin: Enthesopathia alia
[See site code at the beginning of this chapter]
Excludes: bursitis:
· NOS (M71.9)
· due to use, overuse and pressure (M70.-)
osteophyte (M25.7)
spinal enthesopathy (M46.0)
M77.0Medial epicondylitis
Latin: Epicondylitis medialis
M77.1 Lateral epicondylitis
Latin: Epicondylitis lateralis
Tennis elbow
M77.2Periarthritis of wrist
Latin: Periarthritis carpi
M77.3Calcaneal spur
Latin: Excrescentia calcanei (calx dolorosa)
Latin: Metatarsalgia
Excludes:Morton's metatarsalgia (G57.6)
M77.5Other enthesopathy of foot
Latin: Enthesopathia pedis alia
M77.8 Other enthesopathies, not elsewhere classified
Latin: Enthesopathia alia
M77.9 Enthesopathy, unspecified
Latin: Enthesopathia, non specificata
Bone spur NOS
Capsulitis NOS
Periarthritis NOS
Tendinitis NOS
M79Other soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium alii
[See site code at the beginning of this chapter]
Excludes: soft tissue pain, psychogenic (F45.4)
M79.0Rheumatism, unspecified
Latin: Rheumatismus non specificatus
Excludes: fibromyalgia (M79.7)
palindromic rheumatism (M12.3)
Latin: Myalgia
Excludes:myositis (M60.-)
M79.2 Neuralgia and neuritis, unspecified
Latin: Neuralgia et neuritis, non specificata
Excludes:mononeuropathies (G56-G58)
· brachial NOS
· lumbosacral NOS
sciatica (M54.3-M54.4)
M79.3 Panniculitis, unspecified
Latin: Panniculitis, non specificata
Excludes: panniculitis:
· lupus (L93.2)
· neck and back (M54.0)
· relapsing [Weber-Christian] (M35.6)
M79.4Hypertrophy of (infrapatellar) fat pad
Latin: Hypertrophia corporis adiposi infrapatellaris
M79.5 Residual foreign body in soft tissue
Latin: Corpus alienum in textu molli residuale
Excludes:foreign body granuloma of:
· skin and subcutaneous tissue (L92.3)
· soft tissue (M60.2)
M79.6 Pain in limb
Latin: Dolor extremitatis
M79.7 Fibromyalgia
Latin: .
M79.8 Other specified soft tissue disorders
Latin: Morbi textuum mollium alii, specificati
M79.9 Soft tissue disorder, unspecified
Latin: Morbus textuum mollium, non specificatus