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M40-M54 Dorsopathies

Chapter XIII

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue




The following supplementary subclassification to indicate the site of involvement is provided for optional use with appropriate categories in the block on dorsopathies, except categories M50 and M51; see also note at the beginning of this chapter.

0Multiple sites in spine
1 Occipito-atlanto-axial region
2 Cervical region
3Cervicothoracic region
4 Thoracic region
5Thoracolumbar region
6Lumbar region
7Lumbosacral region
8Sacral and sacrococcygeal region
9Site unspecified

M40-M43 Deforming dorsopathies
M45-M49 Spondylopathies
M50-M54 Other dorsopathies