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M45-M49 Spondylopathies

Chapter XIII

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue



M45 Ankylosing spondylitis
Latin: Spondylitis ankylopoietica
[See site code before M40]
Rheumatoid arthritis of spine
Excludes: arthropathy in Reiter's disease (M02.3)
Behçet's disease (M35.2)
juvenile (ankylosing) spondylitis (M08.1)
M46 Other inflammatory spondylopathies
Latin: Spondylitides aliae
[See site code before M40]
M46.0Spinal enthesopathy
Latin: Enthesopathia spinalis
Disorder of ligamentous or muscular attachments of spine
M46.1 Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere classified
Latin: Sacroiliites
M46.2Osteomyelitis of vertebra
Latin: Osteomyelitis vertebralis
M46.3 Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic)
Latin: Discitis intervertebralis (pyogenes)
Use additional code (B95-B97), if desired, to identify infectious agent.
M46.4Discitis, unspecified
Latin: Diacitis, non specificata
M46.5 Other infective spondylopathies
Latin: Spondylitis infectiva alia
M46.8 Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies
Latin: Spondylitis alia, specificata
M46.9 Inflammatory spondylopathy, unspecified
Latin: Spondylitis, non specificata
M47 Spondylosis
Latin: Spondylosis
[See site code before M40]
Includes:arthrosis or osteoarthritis of spine
degeneration of facet joints
M47.0+Anterior spinal and vertebral artery compression syndromes (G99.2*)
Latin: Syndromae arteriae spinalis anterioris et arteriae vertebralis compressionales (G99.2*)
M47.1Other spondylosis with myelopathy
Latin: Spondylosis cum myelopathia, alia
Spondylogenic compression of spinal cord+ (G99.2*)
Excludes:vertebral subluxation (M43.3-M43.5)
M47.2 Other spondylosis with radiculopathy
Latin: Spondylosis cum radiculopathia, alia
M47.8 Other spondylosis
Latin: Spondylosis alia
Cervical spondylosis
Lumbosacral spondylosis
Thoracic spondylosis
without myelopathy or radiculopathy
M47.9 Spondylosis, unspecified
Latin: Spondylosis, non specificata
M48Other spondylopathies
Latin: Stenosis spinalis
[See site code before M40]
M48.0Spinal stenosis
Latin: .
Caudal stenosis
M48.1Ankylosing hyperostosis [Forestier]
Latin: Hyperosteosis ankylotica (Forestier)
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis [DISH]
M48.2Kissing spine
Latin: Columna vertebralis Kissing
M48.3 Traumatic spondylopathy
Latin: Spondylopathia traumatica
M48.4 Fatigue fracture of vertebra
Latin: Fractura vertebrae ad contentionem
Stress fracture of vertebra
M48.5Collapsed vertebra, not elsewhere classified
Latin: Collapsus vertebrae
Collapsed vertebra NOS
Wedging of vertebra NOS
Excludes: collapsed vertebra in osteoporosis (M80.-)
current injury - see injury of spine by body region.
M48.8 Other specified spondylopathies
Latin: Spondylopathiae aliae, specificatae
Ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament
M48.9Spondylopathy, unspecified
Latin: Spondylopathia, non specificata
M49*Spondylopathies in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Spondylopathia in morbis aliis
[See site code before M40]
Excludes:psoriatic and enteropathic arthropathies (M07.-*, M09.-*)
M49.0*Tuberculosis of spine (A18.0+)
Latin: Tuberculosis columnae vertebralis (A18.0+)
Pott's curvature
M49.1* Brucella spondylitis (A23.-+)
Latin: Spondylitis brucellosa (M23.-+)
M49.2*Enterobacterial spondylitis (A01-A04+)
Latin: Spondylitis enterobacterialis (A01-A04+)
M49.3*Spondylopathy in other infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Spondylopathia in morbis infectivis et in morbis parasitariis
Excludes:neuropathic spondylopathy in tabes dorsalis (M49.4*)
M49.4*Neuropathic spondylopathy
Latin: Spondylopathia neuropathica
Neuropathic spondylopathy in:
· syringomyelia and syringobulbia (G95.0+)
· tabes dorsalis (A52.1+)
M49.5*Collapsed vertebra in diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Collapsus vertebrae in morbis aliis
Metastatic fracture of vertebra (C79.5+)
M49.8*Spondylopathy in other diseases classified elsewhere
Latin: Spondylopathia in morbis aliis